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The HEMA Foundation works to promote an inclusive society, in which everyone can play an active role in daily life. We do so by promoting language skills among young children and their families and encouraging inclusive design.

for an inclusive society

language skills

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Every three to four years, the HEMA Foundation boosts a theme that contributes to inclusivity. We are starting with the topic of reading and writing. If you can read and write well, it is easier to actively participate in daily life. Nevertheless, 70 million people across Europe experience great difficulty with this. Low literacy is often passed on from generation to generation. The HEMA Foundation wants to break this vicious circle.

inclusive design

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Design has an enormous potential to provide solutions to social problems and to contribute to an inclusive society. The HEMA Foundation supports inclusive design: ideas and products that remove barriers experienced by people, so that everyone can play an active role in our society.


of young people in Europe are unable to read and write to a proper standard


Europeans have difficulty with reading and writing


designers selected for the design contest


winners of design contest are coached by HEMA experts

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