about HEMA Foundation

about HEMA Foundation

HEMA is for everyone and is at the heart of society. This means we have a responsibility towards the community around us, which is why I am proud that the HEMA Foundation was founded in 2018.

The HEMA Foundation works to promote an inclusive society, in which everyone can play an active role in daily life. Each in their own way. There are already a number of initiatives that aim to make society “more inclusive”, set up by the government, non-profit organisations and business. At the same time, there is still plenty of space for innovative, unifying initiatives that contribute to a structural solution. With the HEMA Foundation, we want to stimulate this at the strategic level. We do so by using the foundation to build on the strength of HEMA: an organisation for everyone that develops products with characteristically unique design.

Every three years, the foundation bootst a theme that contributes to inclusivity. We are starting with the topic of language skills – because being able to read and write well has a significant positive impact on your daily life. We are also working to make inclusive design a key principle in the design community.

Our rapidly-changing society requires a new approach to social problems, one characterised by creativity and collaboration. That is why we work in close collaboration with many different parties, including NGOs, experts, designers, academies and companies. We also look closely at activities that have already been put in place by other organisations, so that our activities can truly have a supplementary, reinforcing effect.

This helps us ensure that the activities of the HEMA Foundation contribute to a better daily life. For everyone.

Eva Ronhaar
Director HEMA Foundation

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mission & vision

The HEMA Foundation works to promote an inclusive society, in which everyone can play an active role in daily life.

We believe that inclusivity contributes to a more diverse and creative society. It is only by empowering everyone and by making use of all our talents that we can develop innovative solutions together, and make daily life better for everyone.

board & organization

board of directors

Tjeerd Jegen

Tjeerd Jegen, Chairman
“I am convinced that companies should play a greater role in our community, one that goes beyond an economic contribution. That is why it is a great honour and privilege to have the opportunity to co-manage the HEMA Foundation. The HEMA Foundation aims to make a difference in a sustainable manner and together with colleagues and partners of HEMA, to give everyone the opportunity to participate in our society.”

Her Royal Highness Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands

Independent Board Member
“It is great that low literacy is one of the priorities of HEMA Foundation, as part of a broader vision of the importance of an inclusive society. Tackling low literacy only works if it happens close to people and that fits well with the DNA of HEMA Foundation. A new player such as HEMA Foundation can give a strategic boost to the whole field. I sense that there is a lot of room for innovative and connecting initiatives that contribute to structural change. I look forward to working together as an independent board member.”

Adriana Hoppenbrouwer

General Board Member
“HEMA is for everybody and I am excited to take our brand promise to a higher level and make a difference in society.”

Marcel van Laten

Secretary and Treasurer
“HEMA is in the midst of society and with the HEMA Foundation we build on this. I am proud that I can contribute on behalf of all colleagues and in a structural way, to a society in which everyone can participate. Regardless of who you are or where you come from.”

team HEMA Foundation

The board monitors the strategy of HEMA Foundation and gives guidance to the implementation of the policy by the employees of HEMA Foundation consisting of:

Eva Ronhaar - Director HEMA Foundation

Eva Ronhaar

Director HEMA Foundation
Marloes Bloemert - Programmamanager HEMA Foundation

Marloes Bloemert

Program Manager HEMA Foundation

Eventually, the HEMA Foundation will operate internationally. We are starting the HEMA Foundation with activities in the Netherlands and, where possible, in other European countries. The HEMA Foundation will go on to extend its activities to the other countries where HEMA is active. Of course, we will adapt these projects to local needs to maximise their impact.

policy plan

In June 2018, the HEMA Foundation was launched and we started our first activities. Here you will find the HEMA Foundation policy plan in Dutch for the period 2018-2022. The English policy plan will follow asap. In our policy plan you can read more about our ambition, strategy, activities, organization and finances.


The HEMA Foundation would love to hear from you. Do you have a question, suggestion, idea or feedback? Let us know by e-mailing us at info@hema-foundation.org or calling +31 (0)20 224 2424.