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about the content of this website

For the sake of clarity, the HEMA Foundation refers you to the following regarding the website www.hema-foundation.org:

property of the HEMA Foundation

The website, the newsletter and all parts thereof, with the exception of certain links and hyperlinks, are the property of the HEMA Foundation. It is not permitted to publicise the website or parts thereof, or to copy or store it without the express written permission of the HEMA Foundation. This permission is not required for personal, non-commercial use.


The HEMA Foundation compiles the information provided on this website and in the newsletter with the greatest possible care. Despite this it is possible that information published on the website may be incomplete and/or incorrect. The information on the website is regularly supplemented and/or changed.

reporting a possible vulnerability

The HEMA Foundation continuously tries to keep its systems and websites as secure as possible, besides maintaining an optimal standard of performance. Nevertheless, vulnerabilities may occur within aforementioned systems. In the unfortunate event that you have encountered such a vulnerability, we urge you to contact us as soon as possible by sending an email to: security.office@hema.nl. Soon after said notification is put through to the relevant specialist, a confirmation email will be sent your way. Please be sure to know that every reported case will be looked into with the utmost priority. As such we would like to ask you to disclose as many details as possible when contacting us (such as location, working method) about a possible vulnerability. When the investigation, and the possible necessary fix, is completed, you will be informed. If the severity of the vulnerability gives reason to do so, a fitting compensation could be given out.


Certain links and hyperlinks on this site lead to websites outside of the domain of the HEMA Foundation, which are provided purely for the visitor’s information. Activating these links causes the visitor to leave the HEMA Foundation website.  Although the HEMA Foundation is extremely selective about the linked sites, we are unable to vouch for their content and function, or for the quality of any products or services offered on them.