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inclusive design

Design has an enormous potential to provide solutions to social problems. And to promote a more inclusive society. That is what we call inclusive design. The HEMA Foundation is working to make inclusive design an important principle amongst students, emerging design talent, academies, experts, companies and foundations.

How? The HEMA Foundation wants to be an open platform for the design community. An incubator for inclusive ideas. In addition, the HEMA Foundation also supports emerging design talents to develop concepts tht promote inclusivity through our annual Accelerator. We coach and support these talents to further develop and implement these concepts. Check our site for more info or to sign up.

open platform

The HEMA Foundation wants to bring together emerging designers, academies, community-based organisations, governments and companies to help them seek out solutions to challenges faced by society. We believe that by looking at these challenges from a designer’s point of view, more innovative and effective solutions can emerge. That is why we offer an open platform for collective experimentation, developing innovative concepts and forging connections. The foundation also organises inclusive design symposia, and expert and inspiration sessions with various partners.

design accelerator

The HEMA Foundation organises an Accelerator Program each year. This is an intensive learning and coaching program for emerging design talents to develop themselves and in which we support them in developing products, services or systems that contribute to inclusiveness. In the program, the focus is on the social theme that the HEMA Foundation gives a momentum at that moment. Until 2022, the theme is: language skills among children aged 0-4 years and their families. We carry out the accelerator together with social organizations, experts, educational institutions and other companies. The best concepts get a podium and we support them to further develop the concepts.

We believe it is important that the concepts give a boost to a more inclusive society. The concepts are therefore available for any organization that is interested in embracing, implementing or financing it.

Click here for more information about the Accelerator or to sign up.


striking sparks session

Spark session

HEMA Foundation believes it important that the winning ideas are for everyone. This is why once the coaching stage is complete, it is up to the winner to determine what they wish to do with their idea. The two winners of the 2017 contest tell about their idea in this video clip.